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Air Separation Plants
Air Separation Plant


We are renowned for manufacturing high quality air separation plants that deliver high purity oxygen and nitrogen. Designing is world-class that gives the plant an edge in the gas production processes. Our company is known for using state of the art cryogenic technology in the manufacturing. High quality materials are used for maintaining high standards of quality. We have 30 years of experience in the making of the plants and we have sold over 400 air separation plant to customers from over 40 countries. All the plants are customized to generate gases in the specified purities and volumes. We have the experience and expertise to build systems that are reliable, efficient and long-lasting. Working with global clients and servicing their requirements, we have acquired high level expertise in global operation and project execution. And, we have excellent record in quality, health, safety, and environmental (QHSE) protection.

Working of Air Separation Plant

Oxygen is generated by an air separation unit (ASU) by liquefaction of atmospheric air and separation of oxygen by cryogenic distillation. Afterwards oxygen is collected from the ASU and stored as a cryogenic liquid. Manufacturing of gases starts at the main air compressor where atmospheric is compressed after being let in. Then, the feed air is directed into a cleanup system where it is cooled where impurities such as carbon dioxide, moisture, and hydrocarbon are eliminated. After being cleaned, the air is passed through heat exchangers where it gets cooled to cryogenic temperatures. Then, the feed air is sent into high pressure distillation column where it is physically separated into a vaporous form of nitrogen at the top of the column and a liquid form of “crude” oxygen (~90% O2) at the bottom.


We are one of the leading air separation plant manufacturers that fabricate air separation plants with the latest cryogenic technology. Since our establishment in 1985, we have been manufacturing and selling the plants to customers from around the globe. Our world-wide clientele is satisfied the performance of our products as our sole aim is to deliver the best quality and value of money to our esteemed customers. We make plant machinery that is trusted for reliability, low capital cost, high efficiency and global quality standards. We manufacture air separation systems in different sizes and capacities as per purity and volume specifications provided by our customers.


We are driven to manufacture air separation plants which are at par with the best in the world. Quality of our products is top-class and is assured by CE certification. High-grade stainless columns are used in the manufacturing and fabricating. Prices offered by us are best in industry. Our engineers and technicians oversee the entire process from erection, commissioning, installation and starting the plant. Our plant is fully automated which can be run by an operator after training him for half an hour. We ship our plants to customers in packing which meets international standards. Arrival in safe condition is assured as shipping is planned by shipping department as per CE standards Europe. A thorough 3D plan of each shipment is prepared to know how the packages will fit inside the container with minimum wastage of space. We have got special container stuffing facility at our factory in New Delhi.

Manufacturing Since 1985
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Air Separation Plant

Compression of Atmospheric Air

Air is compressed at a very pressure of 5-7 bar (kg/cm2). Air can be compressed at such low pressure by trouble free rotary compressor (Screw / Centrifugal Type/Oil free piston compressor of advanced technology are employed). We employ the most advanced compressor series available in the market. They have a unique combination, meeting customer requirements for low installation, operating and maintenance costs with high dependability and ease of use. Screw type rotary compressors are one of the most advanced and trouble free. Centrifugal Type Compressor is known for its efficiency and economy. This ensures a consistent and highly reliable source of air supply. Maintenance is extremely low.

Air Separation Plant

Pre Cooling System

The second stage of the process uses a low pressure refrigerant for pre-cooling the processed air to temperature around 12 deg C before it enters the purifier. The pre-cooling system is a highly efficient skid mounted equipment provided with the main purpose of cooling down the air to a temperature of 5 to 8 degrees Celsius and thus to discharge the condensed water. We are using highly reliable compressors of European origin.

Air Separation Plant

Purification of Air By Purifier

The air enters a purifier consisting of twin Molecular Sieve driers, working alternatively. The Molecular Sieves remove the Carbon dioxide & moisture from the processed air before the air enters Air Separation Unit. The purifying system is the secondary process unit which is responsible for the removal of moisture, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons as well as rare gases that are considered to be impurities in the process cycle of air separation. The structure essentially consists of double layered molecular sieves from "Zeochem" (Switzerland) along with alumina which acts as an adsorbent. It consists of 2 skid mounted molecular sieve regeneration batteries that work on shifts and switch alternatively either manually or through a PLC control (optional).

Air Separation Plant

Cooling of Air by Turbo(Expander)

The air has to be cooled to sub zero temperatures for liquefaction & the cryogenic refrigeration & the cooling is provided by highly efficient turbo expander, which cools the air to temperature almost below -165 to-170 deg C. he Turbo expander is a gas bearing expansion refrigeration turbine that is much more efficient than any other expansion device. It works on the technique of induced cooling via expansion due to which the operational pressure of the plant is further reduced and the performance of the distillation column is stabilized for constant production and high purity oil bearing turbine expander.

Air Separation Plant

Separation if Liquid Air into Oxygen and Nitrogen by Air Separation Column

Oil free, moisture free and Carbon Dioxide free air enters into low pressure fin type HEAT EXCHANGER where the air is cooled below sub zero temperatures by air expansion process in the turbo expander. Air gets liquefied when it enters the air separation column & gets separated into oxygen & nitrogen by the process of rectification. Oxygen is available at the outlet of the ASU at a purity of 99.6%. Nitrogen is also available t the outlet as a second product at purity of 99.9% up to 3ppm simultaneously without loss of oxygen product. The mixture of Oxygen and Nitrogen in air separation unit is separated by virtue of the difference in their liquefaction temperatures. Liquefied air is sent to the lower and upper column using a double rectification process at temperatures below (–) 180 deg centigrade.

Air Separation Plant

Compression of Oxygen/Nitrogen in Cylinders

The final product in the form compressed Oxygen/Nitrogen goes to the high pressure oxygen cylinders at 150 bar or up to higher as required. This can be done by liquid oxygen pump in some models. And liquid oxygen/nitrogen is filled into cryogenic tanks. Mostly, it is seen that liquid storage is preferred because it is easier to transport and store. And, it is considered cheaper as well compared to storing gaseous oxygen/nitrogen. Vaporizer is used when liquid oxygen/nitrogen is converted into gaseous form for filling in cylinders.


We are an ISO 9001:2015 organization which is trusted not only for building high air separation plants but also for delivering very responsive after sales service. We provide complete support in setting up and starting the plant machinery. Our engineer will also train your staff in running and maintenance. Our plants have life-cycle of over 25 years and we will offer you our services for the entire life-cycle.

  • Low power consumption with Zero maintenance required for the machines.
  • Supervision, Installation and start up done by our engineers and technicians.
  • Engineering support along with complete quality control is provided by us.
  • Incorporate Aluminum Brazed exchangers and columns for high efficiency
  • All plants above "500M3/HOUR" CAN supplied with automatic PLC control.
  • Turbo expanders (GAS Bearing) for trouble free & smooth operation.

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